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About Us

Our mission at Safe Roommate is simple: giving you a platform where you can match/meet with a highly compatible roommate. Searching for someone to live with can be a daunting task like picking the right used car, but with our seasoned tips you will be matched with a roommate soon to be called a ‘Bestie’.
The evolution of Safe Roommate was due to the Managing Director, Ashley, who was having the worst luck with roommates in Los Angeles. Her friends shared the same major problems. Ashley took several years fine-tuning her methods behind her search for a roommate. As you know, it can be stressful, you feel lost and even think about giving up and moving back in with Mom. We are here to avoid the latter.
It’s 2019, Ashley is now super happy with her new roommate.

What We Do

The search for strangers in LA may seem overwhelming and extremely intimidating at first. We suggest talking on the phone versus texting and FaceTime/Skype versus emails. Communicating, feeling a level of safety and trust over the phone is always better than keyboard friends. This is Los Angeles, people; we cannot eliminate every risk, but we can take certain precautions and checks. Which is why we are here; to remind you.
Our Safe Roommate Events is a great way to find out if you’re compatible with a potential roommate in LA. Call it a ‘FriendChella’ minus the camping or speed-dating minus the kissing.
Are you feeling like you cannot communicate with your roommate? Do you feel hopeless?
Safe Roommate has got you!
So, make sure to check out our Frequently Asked Questions page and go to our PRO Tips section.

Safe Roommate Events

Are you ready to cut the time in half? By coming to a Safe Roommate event you get the opportunity to meet multiple potential roommates, in person! So take the chance and sign up!